Get Ant Prevention Services to Solve your Pest Problems

Tackle Your Ant Infestation Early

When you see one ant crawling around your home, you can bet there are others just waiting for the drop of a crumb. Address this issue immediately by getting ant control services from Paradigm Pest LLC. Using advanced methods, we'll get rid of pesky ants right in their tracks. We'll also educate you on ant prevention methods to keep your home ant-free.

We use both the trap and spray methods to eliminate ants and control their reproduction. To discover the best option for your home, call now to speak with a member of our team.

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We offer both trap and spray treatments to eliminate ants from your home. The trap method is by-far the most effective. We'll place poison-filled traps around your home that are designed to lure the ants in. By slowly releasing poison, the ants are eliminated one by one. The spray method involves finding the anthill and spraying it using special chemicals. This option is guaranteed for 45 days.