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Don't Let Bed Bugs Keep You From a Good Night's Sleep

According to the National Pest Control Management Association, one in five homeowners has dealt with bed bugs. If bed bugs are keeping you up at night, don't lose sleep-get in touch with Paradigm Pest LLC today. We're a trusted bed bug removal company in Lafayette, LA and surrounding areas. We'll find and resolve your bed bug worries quickly so that you can sleep in peace.

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3 signs of a bed bug infestation

Bed bugs might not seem like a big problem, but if left unchecked, these small insects can have a huge impact on your home and life. You should call a bed bug control specialist in Lafayette, LA and surrounding areas if:

  1. You notice small bloodstains on your sheets, pillows or blankets.
  2. You see small bite marks on your skin when you wake up.
  3. You find small brown bugs under your sheets or hiding in your bed frame.

If you see these or any other signs of bed bugs, reach out to Paradigm Pest ASAP. You can count on us to handle all of your bed bug removal needs for a price that other companies in the area can't beat. We'll follow-up with you as needed to make sure the bed bugs are gone for good.

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