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Protect Your Property From Roaches

People often blame roach problems on poor housekeeping habits. While a dirty space might attract these pests, even the cleanest home or office is susceptible to a roach infestation. If you have roaches in your building, reach out to Paradigm Pest LLC today.

We're a leading cockroach extermination company in Lafayette, LA. Our roach control pros use specialized pest management principles to eradicate roaches and prevent them from infesting your home in the future.

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Common roach entry points

Wondering how cockroaches got into your home or office? Talk to the roach control pros at Paradigm Pest in Lafayette, LA and surrounding areas today. A few common ways roaches can enter your property include:

  • Cracks or holes in your foundation, siding or roof
  • The pipes in your plumbing system
  • Open windows that allow roaches to fly or be blown into the building

Once inside, these bugs can cause big problems. If you notice roaches coming into your home or office, contact Paradigm Pest. You can count on our cockroach extermination team to get your space roach free ASAP.