Are You Suffering From a Spider Infestation?

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There's nothing worse than being greeted by an eight-legged spider when you least expect it. Tackle this issue immediately by getting pest elimination services from Paradigm Pest LLC. We know where these pesky critters like to hide and spend their time. We'll go above and beyond to get rid of those scary beasts for good.

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What are the most common spiders to look for?

Spiders come in so many shapes, sizes and colors. While some are completely harmless, others pose a real threat to your safety. Those include:

Black and brown widows
The brown recluse
Yellow sac spiders
Wolf spiders
Jumping spiders

These bugs like to hide in unsuspecting places like inside of your shoes, under your stairs or in closets. Protect your health and sanity from unwanted spiders by getting professional pest control services.

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